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iswallowedstars's Journal

The world is quiet here.
60's pop culture, 80's films, albums, alexander supertramp, andy warhol, anne boleyn, anthropology, art, ashes, audrey hepburn, ballet, bettie page, bibliomania, blank cds, board games, bobby pins, books, british history, c.s.i, cabaret, canary diamonds, candles, card games, carson mccullers, chai lattes, charlie brown, charlotte bronte, chess pieces, christmas lights, clark kent, coach purses, coco chanel, computers, costuming, curtain dresses, daffodils, dancing, dexter, disney films, dr.pepper, dreams, dresses, eating disorder, eccentrism, eddie izzard, edie sedgwick, fabric, fairy tales, fantasy, fashion, foreign films, french literature, gadgets, garters, harley quinn, heidi klum, high-heels, highways, history, holly berries, horror flicks, house m.d, humphrey bogart, j.d salinger, jane austen, joni mitchell, junior mints, kate moss, kissing, lavender, lewis carroll, lipsmackers, literature, liza minelli, lolita, loss, lotion, love, love letters, lust, lyrics, mac, mad hatters, mae west, makeup, mangos, marionettes, masquerades, monarch butterflies, movie theaters, movies, music, musicals, nintendo, notebooks, nyu, pain, passion, peppermint bark, perfume, philosophy, photography, pin-curls, poetry, postcards, quentin tarantino, reading, ribbons, roald dahl, roman history, sailor moon, satin sheets, scented soaps, science, sewing, sex and the city, siberian huskys, silent hill, silk, slips, smoking, star wars, stars, stockings, striped wallpaper, style, sylvia plath, tea, tea parties, tenniel, thunderstorms, traveling, twiggy, vanilla, vegetarianism, video games, vintage, vogue, water bottles, wax, winter, writing